Why plan?

Planning is VITAL to the world of production, because they have mastered complexity generates a significant costs reduction and increases customer satisfaction.

The complexity made simple

Schedule the tasks throughout the production chain, optimize the loading of resources, quickly highlight overload and deformities, having a complete and comprehensive view of the entire production


The planning for your business.

Scheduling accessible to companies of all sizes and complexity, recived under to the benefits allowed by the new technologies!


Skeda is the finite capacity scheduler, designed and designed to allow PLANNING FOR ALL PHASES OF PRODUCTION OF DIFFERENT ORDERS created based on the resources of time, machinery and operators.


Main features

Panel display

Based on the resources of time, machines and operators, the software automatically DEVELOPS A FORWARD SCHEDULING AND GANTT CHART in order to get an overview of the production departments and delivery times.


The operator at any time can change the production plan by a simple action of “Drag and drop” and recalculate everything within the actual working progress.

Estimated delivery dates

The system estimated delivery date of the order and of the various stages, according to actual resources available, organizing and optimizing them. Each division head will see the priorities of its tasks, in order to simplify management, reduce time and errors.

Progress monitoring

Depending on requirements, the calendar it can be shown weekly, daily, monthly or annually. The display can be filtered according to various parameters such as work center, the specific contract, customer, product, task or operator.

Resource load

For each employee and for each work center or machine is automatically calculated by the work load; displayed availability; verifying in REAL TIME if the resource is properly optimized and valued.

Storage and data processing

All data can be exported to Excel through customizable templates and are stored in cloud, eliminating the problems and costs to maintaining servers and increasing at the same time the data security.

“All people can complicate. Few people are able to simplify.”

(Bruno Munari)

User friendly interface

Touch screen

Intuitive and simple graphical interface, optimized for touch interaction, for wide screens and for mobile devices, too.

Immediate interpretation

The color logic ensures instant interpretation of the data, helping the planner to identify the load profile of resources.

Cross-platform access

The system is accessible from any terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone), on the move, too.

Scheduling tasks shared on network

The information can be shared in real time, increasing collaboration and teamwork.

Messaging and notifications

The detection of any change of priorities of work in progress is facilitated by an internal messaging system with notifications, aimed at highlighting the changes made.

Hands holding and point on digi


Integration with the production data collection software (MES – Manufacturing Execution System)

Integration with attendance data collection software (AMS – Attendance Management System)

Integration with enterprise management software (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning)

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